It’s the mission of DEAKS_JOURNAL - a unique digital platform and traveller community - to help us engage and better understand the impact that we have on ourselves, other people and places when we travel. Founded in 2018 by solo female traveller, Hannah Deakin, we specialise in exclusive interviews, stories, features, and inspiring visual content that open a discussion on the profound value of travel as a catalyst for personal empowerment, community development, and social change.

In due course we will be introducing you to a wealth of travel experts: from seasoned travellers to NGOs, and ethical brands, we want to demonstrate to you the various different perspectives that form an intrinsic overall appreciation for travel. Beginning with the who, what, where, when, and why of travel, in our first interview series we discuss the pains and pleasures of solo travel. We learn about the complete freedom solo travel affords us, allowing time and space for creativity, imagination, and absolute respite. In doing so, we encourage you to celebrate the triumphs of individuals - taking from their motivations and experiences the lessons that they contribute to the wider discussion on travel.

Furthermore, in a world consumed by continuing globalisation and conflict, we recognise that travel, as an entity, falls somewhere between privilege and social responsibility. It is our belief that global travel should be an experience motivated not only by broadening our own horizons, but also by broadening the horizons of others less fortunate. It is our pledge therefore, that by introducing you, our readers, to the many international faces empowered by travel today, we can help inspire you to get out there and travel too! And hopefully, together, we can make a difference in the world.
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